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The great advantage of private tutoring is that it makes it easier for the teacher and student to build a strong professional relationship that encourages communication and understanding. The tutor is better able to address the student’s particular weaknesses in such an arrangement.

This kind of service is useful for students of all ages. Those in high school might want some help with homework tutoring, particularly if it’s when the homework deals with a challenging subject. Others may want to get help with others in the form of an ACT or SAT class.

It’s not always practical to have someone come over, or to go over to the tutor’s office. If this is the case, online tutoring may provide an answer. Many people have already benefitted from our remote tutoring services.

More specialized services are also available in the form of GRE and BAR exam tutoring.

Whether you want group or private tutoring, we can help. Contact us at the Nth Degree in Los Angeles, CA, to learn more.

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